a professional RFID manufacturer.
Provide the highest quality, reliable and custom transponder for industry, health care and logistic.

Integrate LF, HF, UHF frequency band to apply variety of composite for dedicated circumstance requirement.

New launched smart card enable safer and more convenient transaction for credit card or cryptocurrency.

What Wontec Propose ?

Well-known for its uniquely customized transponder for solutions ranging from basic security access to industry field, Wontec insists on offering you reliable products to make your solution more efficient.

Brand new smart card products provide transaction with safer and simple channel through fingerprint or OTP code protection. All these functions could apply to cryptocurrency transaction, VPN protection, credit card payment and security access.

What Wontec Help ?


Adhesive material, rigid plastic, anti-metal, and heat-resistant material could be applied.


Have various applications like logistics, heavy industry, health care, mining, and security system to fit any solution requirement.


Multiple IC brands to support most of your applications.


Develop the unique transponder based on your applications and materials required.

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