Worldwide  RFID  Tag 

                                                 Total  Solution  Provider



        1988 : Founded with capital of US$ 0.22 million

        1989 : First RF remote joystick in the world

        1990 : Home & Garage remote controller launched

        1991 : Licensed by DTI (Department of Trade and

                      Industry ) of UK for MPT 1336

        1993 : Car Alarm System under max. production

        1994 : RFID control device with dual frequency

                      (315MHz & 125KHz) launched

        1995 : Certified by Toyota Taiwan as supplier for Car

                      Alarm System with RFID technology embedded

        1995 : Patent protected for non-copied remote control

        1997 : Certified by Chrysler Taiwan as supplier for

                      RFID Car Alarm System

        1999 : Reader and Tag launched for access control use            

        2002 : OEM & ODM tags design for Logistic Industry


Laser Marking Machine

Inkjet Printing Machine

HP RLC Meter

Network Analyzer



Ultrasonic Welded Machine